There’s a New Coffee House in Town


Deep has talked about owning his own proper espresso machine for as long as I have known him.  We are both coffee junkies by nature, perhaps me a little more than him.  I’ve been “ok” with my daily drip coffee as long as I have something to get me started in the morning.  Going out to buy a nice espresso or a good quality latte when the desire strikes me.

We have a moka at home, one of those stovetop espresso makers; I usually use it for making lattes or when I make a tiramisu.  I haven’t been much of an espresso drinker but do enjoy one every now and then. Deep on the other hand is all about espresso and the “crema” – that foamy topping on a good espresso.  Our moka makes good espresso, but without any crema.  There’s a big debate that coffee drinkers know all too well; is crema really essential to an espresso?  Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


This past black Friday the days of the drip coffee and crema free espressos are now retired to storage. Deep finally purchased his dream.  An early Christmas present to…us (aren’t those the best kind anyways?)


It took a bit of time to play around with the machine and get the settings just right.  It is completely customizable to your own preference, which is nice.  You can brew the exact strength and volume of coffee that you want, as I figured out when I was trying to brew an espresso shot and ended up brewing a full cup!

It has an attached milk frother, which is amazing for those morning cappuccinos and lattes. I’m expecting a few drop ins now from family and friends who want to give it a test. Who wants to be the first to try a Baileys cappuccino?




  1. Donna Brown

    Hey Sarah & Deep, I thought Liz’s cappucino was good, but now I’ll have to have to come try one out with your new machine when I’m back from Florida. By then, you’ll be experts using the machine, so I expect one “over the top!!!”

  2. Liz

    My cappuccino is ‘great’! Thanks for the plug Donna. I love my moka. I’m convinced that crema is used to give you the illusion that you are getting more than a thimbleful of espresso when ordering one! A challenge to you Deep. We want to see some ‘latte art’ when you get your frothing just right.

  3. Bhavna

    Congratulations on finally getting what you wanted! No more early runs to Starbucks then!? ? I will have to try Liz’s cappuccino first to see whose is better! Coming over during the holidays! ?

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